Privacy Policy

(Shippingcontainertrader) helps you with many of our services and let you enhance the contact and communication with this world. Our Privacy policy share you the details

  • What kind of information is collected
  • How it is used
  • How to alter the same by getting the access of the information.

Our website helps our readers to understand the privacy policy of (Shippingcontainertrader).Even if you are new comer in our website or an existing user it is always better to understand our terms and conditions.

How we gather the information

Information that we collect are always used for a better service of (business name).We collect information like the name, address, telephone number, email address and the credit card details in order to keep your account. To take the complete benefit of our service we offer you an account by including your photo. Also the information is taken about the service that you use and the way you use them. Gathering of information also includes the information about the device which even includes the mobile network information. Also the details of the hardware models are taken.

By making use of the IP address of a system and the GPS the location of a system can be identified. Cookies are another means of collecting the information. This technology is used when the interaction with the service is happened and the information is stored in that way. By this way the traffic of the website also can be noted. There are certain services that include unique application numbers. When the service is installed and uninstalled the information about the number is send to us. By this way each time when the service is used we are able to locate the same.

How this information is used

Transparency is the main thing that we take into consideration. This is a fact where we allow our users to know what information is collected and how we use the same.