Grooming a Dog is as simple at Doral

At Doral Pet Grooming, we know that pets and their owners can be bitten by fleas and ticks, which are common in wooded areas. These parasites can cause serious illnesses, such as Lyme disease, most often through infested ticks which can be cured in dog grooming near me.

These tiny creatures cannot be seen on furry animals. Inspecting your dog or cat during frequent grooming can help protect your pet and your loved ones from possible tick and flea-borne diseases.

Ear problems can be uncomfortable for pets, which is why the professional groomers at Mobile Dog Grooming near me recommend cleaning your delicate pet’s ears.

Mobile Dog Grooming in Doral, Florida is a beautiful place with mild weather year round. In sunny Florida, many people have pets, and pets love the outdoors. Going to the park with your dog can be a fun activity that provides much needed fresh air and exercise for both dog and owner, but fleas and ticks can also attack your pet. You need to check your pet every time you go outside to make sure he or she is not bitten by these annoying parasites.

Without proper management, fleas and ticks can invade your property and these tiny parasites can bite people and, in some cases, transmit dangerous diseases. That’s why our stylish line of grooming products includes smart, safe flea and tick repellents and coatings that can be used during the standard grooming process. Tick and flea repellents are an easy way to get rid of pests. Simply put a drop on your pet’s pores and skin about once a month.

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