Glass curtain wall is considered worthy by several advantages

A curtain wall system is a building’s exterior covering with non-structural exterior walls that keep the weather out but the residents in. Because lightweight materials can be used, the appropriate selection of construction materials can lower building expenses. Glass is one of the most durable materials available for your wall curtain. Metal panels and fittings, movable windows, louvers, and stone veneers are among the additional in-fills used in the systems. Some glass curtain walls of glass facade company hong kong are made entirely of glass, with attractive stainless steel fittings holding them together. When compared to other materials, glass curtain wall has a lot of benefits.

  • Lighting – One of the reasons you should consider a glass curtain wall is for this reason. It enables natural light into the offices, making them more welcoming and cheery. When contrasted to artificial lighting such as light bulbs, glass allows for a lot of natural light, which is fantastic for exhibiting genuine colors and light that is easy on the eyes.
  • Panoramic view – The stunning outdoor views provided by the glass curtain wall can be all you need to take much-needed breaks from your job. A beautiful view helps to relax the mind and can also assist to calm the body, making you feel happier and more energized to complete the tasks ahead of you.

  • Energy efficiency – The glass blocks are typically enclosed in aluminum frames, which provide an airtight seal. Energy-efficient glass curtains also prevent UV rays and lowering the building’s lighting costs.
  • Waterproofing – During the installation of the glass facade project hong kong, a sealer is normally applied to provide a moisture-proof barrier, preventing water from penetrating the building. Other corrosion-resistant materials are also used in the curtain walls, cutting prices dramatically.
  • Lightweight – Because glass is a lighter material than brick or concrete, glass curtain walls may significantly reduce the weight of tall buildings. The curtain wall’s modest weight adds to the structure’s security and durability.


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