BNO Passport- What Should We Learn?     

Do I Want a British Passport?

There are not many countries in the world that deliver a level of a better life which being a citizen makes you almost immune to suffering as a consequence of the absence of basic amenities or basic things of life. Very few countries can boast of being able to cater to nearly all its citizens.

A British Connections nation with nearly zero unemployment levels implies that most people that do not have jobs nearly do so since they are both willing and have been unable to locate jobs. In most cases, they are willing but not able; or worse still capable but not willing. In such situations, you don’t necessarily classify that as real unemployment. What I am attempting to state is that in certain countries, the general quality of living is high and better than in most others.

Using Passports for British Genealogy Research

The United Kingdom is among those countries. Little wonder Immigration into the UK has continually surged through recent years. More and more people are looking to come to the UK for a better life. It has led the British Connections authorities to start to take significant steps to secure their borders. To give them more control over who comes in and who goes out of the country. Migration in the EU even made things worse, with EU migrants flooding the UK in their hundreds of thousands off the back of liberty of movement as enshrine from the tenets of the EU regulation. The British men and women, believing that their resources are overstretched, kicked back at the system from the Brexit vote.

Now to be able to obtain a bno passport, you should have first and foremost obtained permanent residence. The rules for obtaining a UK permanent residence by an EEA national is quite different from the rules of obtaining permanent residence or Indefinite Leave to stay with a non-EEA national.

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