A Brief Discussion on Industrial Conveyor Belts and its Applications

The belt used in the industry should be flexible to connect the rotating shafts. Mostly the belts are applied in the industry as a source of rotation to accelerate the motion. Also, it will be used efficiently to transmit the power and the relative movement can be tracked with this belt. In view of the source of motion, one of the applications is conveyor belts. These conveyor industrial belts (correas industrials)are essential and very important in the field of handling the material. Conveyor belts are more specifically applied to transport the material from one place to another place. In industry, usually, the handling materials will be large and this conveyor belt is used to transport those large size materials in a shorter period of time.

The conveyor belts are made up of different materials such as nylon, polyester, leather, rubber, PVC, urethane, etc. and they will be applied where it is suitable exactly. In, general, the conveyor industrial beltsare not made up of single material and have many layers of materials. But two-layer (top and bottom) systems are used in many places where the bottom layer is made up of nylon, polyester, and cotton and it provides the linear strength and exact shape to the belt. The bottom layer is generally called a body in the belt. The top layer is called the cover of the belt and commonly it is made up of plastic and rubber materials.

There are different types of conveyor belts are used in the industry and based on the applications the type of conveyor belt will be used. This will ensure safety and more efficiency with the specified application. Solid and general-use belts, Filter belts, Woven metal belts, Hinged Belts, Plastic lock belts are some of the conveyor belts used in the industry according to the application.

Based on the specific application different characteristics belt will be used.

  • In the mining and milling industry rubber belts are used to handle bulk materials.
  • In Airport, polyester and rubber belts are applied in concern to handle the luggage.
  • In grocery stores, PVC-basedbeltsare used as conveyor belts.

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