Online A level h2 physics tuition – A Virtual Platform

When we look at the concept of “online tutor”, we are essentially talking about an individual belonging to a particular organization or working independently, who tutors his/her pupils online or in a virtual environment using various networks or user interfaces, where both the former and the latter are present physically in different locations.

a level h2 physics tuition may offer his services using multiple ways. For example:

  • A Learning Management System (LMS): This is a type of software that is used for the purposes of documenting, tracking, reporting, educational course, among various others.
  • Virtual Learning Environments (VLE): This is a pioneer in educational based technology, a web platform for various types of digital study.
  • Open Sources: Some online tutors may use open sources such as Skype or Google Meet or Zoom to provided face to face education.

a level h2 physics tuition

Drawbacks Of Online Tutoring

The lack of non-verbal cues is a major drawback for an online tutor when they need to use said visual or non-verbal cues to enhance their teaching methodology. For example, facial expressions, eye-contact, body movements, hand gestures, among others.

To conclude, we can say that in the recent years, online tutors have proved to be extremely competent and have tackled the aforementioned issues very well. They exercise tutoring using various platforms and they possess various skills to do the job. Therefore, they have become increasingly popular, especially considering the state of the world currently, where online tutoring has become an integral part in the education of students.

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