Emphasize practical education and divergent thinking

When it comes to education, the landscape is rapidly changing thanks to globalization, new international schools, and increasing mobility. If you want to become a teacher, you need to know this!We spoke with the hk international schools to find out what being an international teacher means for you. How are universities preparing the next generation of teachers?

You have to understand the education system in this city before you can appreciate the advantages of HK education. In hong kong international school, children typically spend three years in kindergarten, six years in elementary school, and three years in junior high school.In line with the city’s preference policy, free mandatory education has been implemented since kindergarten, ranging from kindergartens to high schools, and tuition for public schools is free.

As a result of such preferential policies, the education circle in “Oriental Pearl” has seen a great deal of success and has been able to guarantee citizens’ education from childhood to adulthood. This policy has been implemented since 2017 and has become one of the major educational reform initiatives.It has garnered widespread praise and recognition, building a solid foundation for the development of talent in the city.

HK has successful city education, which is characterized by a unique combination of Chinese and western teaching methods. Parents are optimistic about the superiority of city education.In this case, the Pearl of Orient, which was originally under British jurisdiction, adapted the European model of education when returning to the motherland, giving students the freedom to be creative and flexible.

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