Winner of the best company to work for an award-winning hr company

This time, our company received the bureau of economy, trade and industry director-general’s award, the rewarding company to work for the grand prize sponsored by the prefectural management rationalization association. At the award ceremony, the representative of the company, attended and received a plaque and a certificate of commendation. The ceremony was also attended by the head of the development department, who cooperated with interviews and other activities during the selection process .

What is the best company award for decent work?

award winning hr company

Whether the management philosophy is shared with and disseminated to employees and whether the management philosophy is reflected in various measures and decision-making – to be an organization that responds to changes in the external environment and the market and takes on challenges. Whether innovation has been realized or is working on it. Whether it is reflected for an award winning hr company in hr measures and systems to realize a rewarding company to work for by the leadership of management and managers, and whether it is stable with employees.

Motivating employees

Among them, the bureau chief of the bureau of economy, trade, and industry, which was selected this time, is given to companies that respond to change and take on challenges the above. Focusing on venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, this service serves as a bridge between new graduate job seekers and companies. The human resources match the culture of the company with unique support from employment advisors.

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