Nashville’s best professional post-construction cleaning service

In Nashville, the aim for any construction contractor is to pass over the key to a freshly constructed or refurbished facility to any customer that they will be servicing. However, after the construction itself, not to mention the tears and sweat that they must endure, the task of a construction business is not complete until it is completed. The term “post-construction” in post-construction cleaning in Nashville, TN implies that this cleaning is done after the building phase.

 A building contractor may clean up waste in general, but specific cleaning is no longer part of their work. This type of cleaning is performed on the entire facility from top to bottom; it does not only consist of sweeping the floor, washing the carpet, and other visible areas.

Phases of post construction cleaning:

The excellent construction in Nashville concludes with the delicate post-construction cleaning, which is completed in stages that include

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  • Rough Clean:

The first phase begins once all essential electrical, plumbing, and framing installations have been completed. The first and most important stage in this phase is to remove large things such as garbage, trash, leftover materials, and other items that cannot be cleaned.

  • Light Clean:

This is the most labour-intensive step of post-construction cleaning, requiring a large amount of cleaning equipment and materials. Restrooms and kitchens, which serve a specific purpose, are receiving special attention.

  • Final Clean:

The last cleaning process is known as touch-up cleaning. This occurs several days after the second phase since dust and dirt may still settle. Which results in cleaning staff focussing more time on cleaning and detailing.

Stratus Building services in Nashville:

Their franchisees give a variety of post-construction and general marketable cleaning services around the country to match the specific demands of your work. You worked hard to make your design a reality. Allow their franchisee staff to make the last stages as simple as possible. There is no similar thing as a little or large design. Simply communicate your original Stratus ballot to begin working on a customised cleaning plan. Their franchisees and workers are pleased to help you in opting from a variety of excellent services.

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