How to get enough knowledge on QMS?

The quality management system is the procedure of following certain rules, procedures, documents, records, and more to check the quality of the products and services. It helps in assuring the quality products that satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers. ISO 9001 is one of the best examples of a quality management system. This standard of the method is processed by providing documented information like policies, procedures, forms, and work instructions. There are separate training courses for ISO 9001 audits. If the person completes this course, then, they will be lead audit in the quality management system. The iso 9001 singapore provides adequate skills and knowledge to perform the first, second-, and third-party levels of auditing.

After learning this course, you can understand,

  • Quality management standards, quality management system, third-party certification, and management system audits.
  • It will also provide sufficient knowledge about the responsibilities of auditors in conducting, planning, following, and reporting on QMS to provide conformity with the ISO 9001 and other applicable standards.

iso 9001 singapore

To study this course person should have prior knowledge on,

  • Management studies including top management responsibilities, PDCA cycle (plan, do check, act), and knowledge of core elements of the management system.
  • Basic concepts of QMS
  • Seven management principles of ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 Singapore provides a 1-day audit course on the quality management system. The duration of the class is nearly 7 hours and do prior registration for joining the course. They provide both the online and offline modes of class based on the interest and availability of a person. To know more details about the course and contents, you can visit the online site.

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