A guide to British National (Overseas) visa

As a previous British province, the authority has given Hong Kong individuals a service apartment kowloon identification, known as a BNO Passport, before the city’s proper handover to China in 1997. Essentially a travel document that does not carry citizenship rights, holders of BNO Passports were sorely entitled to travel to the UK visa-free for not more than six months.

Renewed British National Overseas visa

However, with recent changes in the worldwide circumstance, the UK government has reported the new short term rental hong kong Visa Scheme, allowing BNO Passport holders five years of stay in the nation and the option to work, live and study. This plan even stretches out to youthful, non-BNO holders with a parent holding the BNO visa status. Following five years of home, the BNO Visa could be your door to apply for the UK extremely durable settlement as a British Citizen, generally called BC.

ApartmentHow to apply for BNO

As a component of an internet-based application, one will have to demonstrate their character. How one does, this relies upon what sort of identification they have.

There is an ‘ID Check’ application to examine the BNO, HKSAR, or EEA visa. One must likewise make or sign into the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account and then go to an arrangement at a visa application focus to give fingerprints. A photograph – this is to get a biometric home license.


One should make a trip to the UK within 90 days. Youngsters under 18 should go with one of the two guardians, except if they’re joining their folks in the UK now

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